Don't push the rock up the hill.  Best advice I've ever received.  Basically, things in your life and creative practice should be challenging but not insurmountable.  Insurmountable is the rock.  Let it go.  Let creativity's divine guidance take over.

My work has always been a source of great peace for myself and my patrons, but now, it has taken on a more gentle form of expression.

Each piece holds a soft, dreamy quality transporting both myself (as it is created) and my viewer (as it is enjoyed) to a soothing, safe, meditative space.  This experience creates a lasting bond of good-will.  Many of my patrons ultimately become students.

My work remains centered on the landscape, and I continue to explore the possibilities available through pastel.  The paintings remain personal and pint-sized.  

My life continues to evolve with a daughter enjoying college in New York City, a fledgling flock of chickens to raise and a bustling teaching practice that is both joy-filled and life-affirming.  

Looking to let your own rock go? E-mail me at [email protected] to join the flock.